Nepal Data

The data ( was collected during winter 2003 at Kathmandu (27.67°N, 85.31°E, elevation - 1350m), the capital of Nepal; Godavari (27.59°N, 85.31°E, elevation - 1600m), a more remote location about 10km south of Kathmandu; and Nagarkot (27.71°N, 85.52°E, elevation - 1975m), a remote hilly site above the Kathmandu valley 32km east of Kathmandu. The directly measured aerosol and radiometric quantities included aerosol optical depth, aerosol single scattering albedo, aerosol vertical profile, and global broadband shortwave fluxes at the surface.


Ramana, M.V., Ramanathan, V., Podgorny, I.A., Bidya, B.P, and Basantha, S., The Direct Observations of Large Aerosol Radiative Forcing in the Himalayan Region, Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters, October 2003.