The MODIS Aerosol Product monitors the ambient aerosol optical thickness over the oceans globally and over a portion of the continents. Further, the aerosol size distribution is derived over the oceans, and the aerosol type is derived over the continents. Daily Level 2 data are produced at the spatial resolution of a 10×10 1-km (at nadir)-pixel array. There are two MODIS Aerosol data product files: MOD04_L2 , containing data collected from the Terra platform here only (; and MYD04_L2 , containing data collected from the Aqua platform that will be presented here soon. These datasets are temporarily divided two section, Atlantic section (90N~90S, 90W~90E), and Pacific section (90N~90S, 90E-90S). The effective data( ) are available from Feb. 2000 to present.


•  Li, F ., A. M. Vogelmann and V. Ramanathan, “Dust Aerosol Radiative Forcing Measured from Space over the Western Africa ”, J. Climate, 2003, submitted.