INDOEX was conducted in two phases: Pre-Field Phase and Field  Phase:

       The Field Phase refers to the major field experiment conducted in winter of 1999 with several aircraft, ship, satellites and surface observations.      


       However, in-situ observations from ships and surface observations began in 1996 and culminated in a so-called First-Field Phase study with the Indian R/V Sagar Kanya and the Kashidhoo surface observatory in Maldives from January to March 1998.   All of these earlier data collected from 1996 until January of 1999, are referred to as Pre-Field Phase.

       The complete field phase data in ASCII format are located in the CODIAC web site in the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado (

       The pre-field phase data is located at the Center for Clouds Chemistry and Climate (C4) and can be obtained from .


       In addition, the field phase data can also be obtained in a NetCDF format for specific locations and time periods from the C4 Integrated Data System at . CIDS also produces plots, with some exceptions, of collocated fields.  The sole purpose of these plots is to choose interesting and specific periods for data downloading, but they are not of publishable quality.  Sample plots created from CIDS data can be found at