ABC Post-Monsoon EXperiment (APMEX)

October 2004 Campaign

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Chief Scientist's Column

Introduction to APMEX
APMEX Summary Report


1. Functioning Observatories

Observatory Map

Project Instrumentation


2. Manned Aircraft


Proposal to Ministry

Dornier Aircraft

Aircraft Instrumentation

3. Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle



AUAV Story

4. Instrument Intercomparison and Model Validation

Current Brochure


Research Vessel Sagar Kanya

5. Training School for Students and Young Scientists


Background Reading

6. Field Support Data and Forecast Information

Climatological Aerosol Data

Climatological Wind Data

Climatological Cloud Data

CFORS Forecast Data

Real-Time Satellite Data

Meteorological Conditions

Weather Forecasts

7. Logistics and Other Information

Participant List and Contact Information

Master Schedule

Indian Participation


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