ABC workshop, Tokyo

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,

University of Tokyo

November 17-18, 2003

(as of Oct. 31, 2003)


November 17 (Mon)


9:3012:00 am


Opening Remarks                                                                                                     H. Akimoto

Logistics                                                                                                                   Y. Kondo


I.   Key Issues to be Studied in the ABC Project: Chair, T. Nakajima

     (15+5 minutes/presentation)


                Atmospheric Radiation and Climate Impact                                               V. Ramanathan

                Atmospheric Chemistry                                                                           Y. Kondo


II.   National Implementation Plan: Chair, T. Nakajima

     (20+5 minutes/presentation)


         USA Scientists                                                                                V. Ramanathan

         USA Scientists                                                                                        C. Corrigan

         Chinese Scientists                                                                                   Y.-H. Zhang




(session II continues)  Chair, M. Koike

         Chinese Scientists                                                                                   G. -Y. Shi

         Hong Kong Scientists                                                                             T. Wang

         Korean Scientists                                                                   K. R. Kim

         Korean Scientists                                                                   Y. J. Kim

         Japanese Scientists (Radiation)                                                                T. Nakajima

         Japanese Scientists (Aerosol Chemistry)                                  Y. Kondo

         Japanese Scientists (Ozone)                                                                    H. Akimoto

         Japanese Scientists (Vegetation)                                                              K. Kobayashi




III.   Free Discussion for Implementation Plans (sub-groups)




Welcome Party

November 18 (Tue)


9 :3012:00 am


IV.   ABC-related Research Talks:  Chair, G. -Y. Shi

     (12+3 minutes/presentation)


Spatial and Seasonal distributions of Atmospheric carbonaceous aerosols                 S.-C. Lee

in China

Spectroscopic Analysis of PM2.5 Particles Collected during the 2002 Dust              T. Zhu

Storm in Beijing, China

Regional Atmospheric Pollution in China: Insights learned from                  T. Wang

measurements in several non-urban areas and implications for future studies

Chemical and Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol Observed                         Y. J. Kim

in Kwangju, Korea

Monitoring Atmospheric Radiation and Aerosol Optical Depth at Gosan   S. N. Oh

and Anmyeon Observatories, Korea

Monitoring of Climate Change Based on Atmospheric Baseline                                 S. N. Oh

Measurements in Korea

Changing atmosphere over China for the past several decades                   T. Hayasaka




(session IV continues)  Chair, K. R. Kim


Measurements of chemical composition of aerosols in Okinawa                 S. Hatakeyama

From the experience of Research Vessel Mirai with cloud radar and lidar H. Okamoto

Plan for lidar observations in the ABC project                                                           N. Sugimoto

system for the studies of clouds and aerosols in Pacific Ocean.

Tropospheric Ozone and Volatile Organic Study in China                                           J. Chan

Soybean in the American Midwest FACEs rising Tropospheric Ozone                       S. P. Long

Challenges in predicting the impacts of increasing surface ozone                                K. Kobayashi

concentration on vegetation in Asia

MRI/GRD research activities relating to ABC-ASIA                                 H. Matsueda




V.   Status Report and Action Items: Chair, C. Corrigan


                Intercomparison/calibration of Measurements                                            C. Corrigan

Y. Kondo

                                                                                                                            T. Wang

                                                                                                                            H. Tanimoto

                Data Archive                                                                                            T. Nakajima

Next Meeting and Review of Action Items                                 H. Akimoto


Concluding Remarks                                                                                 V. Ramanathan


DRAFT AGENDA : APARE-II Workshop (November 19, 2003)

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,

University of Tokyo


9:3012:00 am


Opening Remarks                                                                                                     Y. Kondo

(Status of IGAC II Task Proposal: Mega-cities: Asia)


I.   Discussion on Implementation Plan: Chair, Y. Kondo


                Intercomparison/Calibration of Measurements                                          

                Continuous Network Measurements (Prioritization, Harmonization, Schedule, Strategy)

                Intensive Measurement Campaign (Where and when ?)





II   APARE-II-related Research Talks:  Chair, Y.-H. Zhang

     (12+3 minutes/presentation)


Recent studies and future developments on the issues of mega city                            G. Lin

and biomass burning in Taiwan

Oxidants Chemistry Study in Seoul                                                                            M. Lee

Aerial observation of gaseous and particulate pollutants around Shanghai,                 S. Hatakeyama


Continuous measurements of dust and anthropogenic aerosols by lidar

in Beijing,                                                                                                                A. Shimizu




III   Next Meeting and Review of Action Items                                                       Y. Kondo