ABC- Japan Meeting (Tentative Agenda)



Dates: September 21 (Sun) and 22 (Mon), 2003

Place:  Frontier Research System for Global Change, Yokohama, Japan

(3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohana 236-0001, Japan)

   TEL: 045-778-5710 (Akimoto), 5723 (Shiomi)



September 21 (Sun)


10:00 –12:00 am


I.   Japanese ABC-Related Research Talks: Chair, H. Akimoto


                Atmospheric Radiation Observation and Climate Impact                      T. Nakajima

                Atmospheric Chemistry Observation                                                       Y. Kondo

                Asian Ozone Pollution in Eurasian Perspective and Ozone Forcing             H. Akimoto

                Vegetation Effect of Ozone in Asia                                                            K. Kobayashi

                Funding Status by Ministry of Environment                                                    K. Otsubo

                Introduction and Present Status of  EANET                                            T. Ohizumi





II.  New  Research Findings : Chair, P. Crutzen


         Constraints on Aerosol Forcing                                                                       P. J. Crutzen

         Record High Forcing over Himalayas                                                  V. Ramanathan

                 Fine Particles and Visibility Study in Seoul Metropolitan Area Y.J. Kim


III. Status of Observatories: Chair, T. Nakajima


Super Sites:                            S. Asia (Maldives)                V. Ramanathan/ H. Nguyen

                                                E. Asia (Gosan)                 K.R. Kim/ Soon-Chang Yoon

Main Observatories:

  New Proposed Observatories : Sri Samsorong/ Phimai, Thailand  B. Thana, T. Nakajima

                 Base Camp of Mt. Everest        G.Tartari

                                                                       Pune, India                   H. Rodhe

                                                                       Kirgistan                     H. Akimoto

Instrumentation and Data Protocol                                                T. Nakajima



September 22 (Mon)


9 :30 –11:30 am


IV. Status Report  of National Programs & Funding :  Chair, V. Ramanathan


              Financial Status                           S. Shrestha

  Japan                                          H. Akimoto/T. Nakajima

              S. Korea                                    K.R. Kim/Y.J. Kim

  China                                          Z.-F.Wang

  India                                         A.P. Mitra

              Sweden                              H. Rodhe

              Italy                                              G.Tartari

              NOAA                                       H.Diamond




Introduction of Earth Simulator                                                      T. Sato

                Visit tour to Earth Simulator



V.  Modeling Studies: Chair, V. Ramanathan


Regional /to Global : A NASA-funded Study                                G. Carmichael

Harmonization of Emission Inventory in Asia                                 H. Akimoto




VI. Team Vote on  New Proposals: Chair, V. Ramanathan


Formal Participation in IGAC

Inclusion of Sri Samrong/Phimai, the Mt. Everest sites in ABC

Next Meeting :  New Delhi, India, February. Proposed by Pachauri