Participants list of the ABC workshop, Nov. 17-18, 2003 (as of Nov. 1, 2003)
Name Affiliation Country Title E-Mail
Yuanhang Zhang Peking Univ. China
Tong Zhu Peking Univ. China Spectroscopic Analysis of PM2.5 Particles Collected during the 2002 Dust Storm in Beijing, China
G.-Y. Shi Institute of Atmospheric Physics China
Zifa Wang Institute of Atmospheric Physics China
Tao Wang Hong Kong Polytechnique Univ. China Regional Atmospheric Pollution in China: Insights learned from measurements in several non-urban areas and implications for future studies
John Chan Hong Kong Polytechnique Univ. China Tropospheric Ozone and Volatile Organic Study in China
Lee Shun-Chueng Hong Kong Polytechnique Univ. China Spatial and Seasonal distributions of Atmospheric carbonaceous aerosols in China
Jianguo Zhu Institute of Soil Science, CAS China
Xiaoye Zhang Chinese Academy of Met. Science China    
Young J. Kim KJIST Korea Chemical and Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol Observed in Kwangju, Korea
K. R. Kim Seoul National Univ. Korea
Sung Nam Oh METRI/KMA Korea 1.  Monitoring Atmospheric Radiation and Aerosol Optical Depth at Gosan and Anmyeon Observatories, Korea                  2.  Monitoring of Climate Change Based on Atmospheric Baseline Measurements in Korea
Meehye Lee Korea University Korea
Soonchang Yoon Seoul National University Korea
Hajime Akimoto FRSGC Japan
Yutaka Kondo RCAST, University of Tokyo Japan
Teruyuki Nakajima CCSR, University of Tokyo Japan
Shiro Hatakeyama NIES Japan Measurements of chemical composition of aerosols in Okinawa
Makoto Koike University of Tokyo Japan
Kazuhiko Kobayashi University of Tokyo Japan Challenges in predicting the impacts of rising surface ozone levels on crop productivity in Asia
T. Izuta Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan
I. Nouchi NIAES Japan
Y. Kohno CRIEPI Japan Challenges to establish critical levels of air pollutants for protecting East Asian vegetation
H. Oue Ehime University Japan
H. Okamoto Tohoku University Japan From the experience of Research Vessel Mirai with cloud radar and lidar system for the studies of clouds and aerosols in Pacific Ocean.
N. Sugimoto NIES Japan Plan for lidar observations in the ABC project
R. Kazaoka Kyoto University Japan
T. Hayasaka Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Japan Changing atmosphere over China for the past several decades
H. Matsueda MRI Japan MRI/GRD research activities relating to ABC-ASIA