ABC Meeting in Geneva, February 24 and 25: Tentative Agenda


A. Science Team Meeting: February 24: UNEP Meeting facility


Updates since last Meeting:

Report on the Dec 20 India-ABC Meeting: Pachauri and Mitra

Recent Developments with ABC China

 Program                                                      : Meng Fan

Funding and UNEP Related Developments : S. Shrestha



Aerosol Observations in China                    :  Guang-Yu Shi

ABC-Nepal observations                             :  Ramanathan

Report on Surface Observations Group       :  Carmichael and Akimoto

Suggestions for Urban locations                  :  Rodhe

Possible Linkages with the GAW program :  Len Berrie

{Allow at least 30 minutes for open discussions)


Special session on Upstream effects and Source Characterization


      Kim, Y. J. ( biomass  aerosols in Korea).





Other Topics:

New ABC initiatives in Modeling:  Ramanathan ( Climate and Monsoon)

Health and Agriculture Impacts   : Pachauri & an invitee from WHO (Pachauri will recommend the name)


Discussion on linkages with WMO & IGBP:  Crutzen and Rodhe


B. Linkages with WMO, WHO and IGBP: February 25


 Entire Science Team: ( UNEP will arrange these visits and talks)


Visit with WHO Chief and Colleagues: Either at their headquarters or at UNEP facility

Visit with WMO Chief (Obasi) and Colleagues: Either at their HQ or at UNEP facility

{Topics of discussions during these visits:   Impact of air pollution and climate change on Health and Agriculture; WMO-ABC links;  Other suggestions??}


 Steering Committee Meeting: